PUMSA Powered Google Digital Skills Training

In a world of like it, post it, click, share etc. A working knowledge of the internet and how it works is necessary. Every one from the big CEOs to the students by the corner all need the internet. This has led to fast paced new and innovative ways of using internet resources. Africa however has been on the back pedal in this race, hence Google in line with it's interesting business model kick-started the Google Digital Skills for Africa Training. It's aim is to educate Africans on the need to be internet savvy and how to use that knowledge for economic gains.

Owing to the tediousness of medical school and the financial crisis that Nigerians find themselves in, it is pertinent that Medical Students understood and benefited from the massive opportunities that await them online these opportunities range from Academic aids to streams of income. This need led to the organization of a Google Digital Skills for Africa Training session held for members of the Port Harcourt Medical Students Association (PUMSA) through the Office of the Public Relations Officer.

The executives of the Port Harcourt University Medical Students Association (PUMSA) led by Rotifa Femi believed in the need for the education of PUMSAites in this regard and hence made sure the event was successful and truly it was.

The event started off on a philosophical now with the Google assigned tutor asking attendees what made the unique. Various answers were given and alas it the many talents and skills of PUMSAites were revealed. Of note were entreprenuers, web developers, data analysts, graphics designers etc. The tutor then took her audience on a metal trip though the world of Internet business with Digital marketing as the focus. Attendees were also taught personal and business branding. The training which lasted about three hours left attendees happy that they were present. Details of attendees were taken to be certified by Google.

Here is a testimonial of one of the attendees:

"I had a wonderful experience at the Google Digital Skills Taining organized by PUMSA. It  was a very interactive session learning while having fun. The tutor was kind, and she took her time to explain a lot of conceptsconcemed with the digital environment, which most of us were not familiar with.

I learnt a lot of new things. I learnt about Digital marketing and its difference as compared to the Traditional marketing. I also learnt about the internet and terms assocated with it such as web browser, web server, the world wide web (www). The tutor also took her time to explore the relevance of learning about the Digital Environment. In all I learnt so many new things that I cannot at this instant write them all. We were also encouraged us to make use of the internet and social media in marketing our products, as it was a cheaper and more reliable way compared to traditional advertising methods. Indeed the  Google Digital Skills Training for Africa is a very wonderful initiative. I look forward to attendig more programs like this."

-Cecilia Orumie

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