A Woman Called Nigeria


I know this woman who is 60 years old today. She who was birthed from the bowels of the British colony later becoming a mother herself to an estimated number of 200 million children who sucked and still suck from the bossoms of her goodness. 200 million what? For 1 woman? Haha! Don't think about it, her children won't nibble off all her nutrients. As a matter of fact, she still remains fleshy and quite robust with nutrients such as vitamin crude oil and minerals like petroleum, to mention a few. Sadly, this special woman despite her abundance and endowment has demons she battles with even in her 60th year. However, you must know that she doesn't fight this battle alone, for her beautiful resilient children like skilled warriors slash and slice through at the war front determined to bring her victory. Though their muscles get weary, something called an inherent determination keeps their swords held up high for they believe that one day the battle would be over. They might not admit it out loud but they still believe the battle can be won! The battle against injustice, greed, corruption, under-development! They look unto a day where their enemies will surrender and scurry off in shame! Yes that's what I love most about this woman and her children. They share an unspoken bond that no matter what they've been through together, that they would have each others back against a foreigner. I celebrate this woman called Nigeria and her beautiful resilient children, the Nigerians!

God bless them!

Written by Nwachukwu Isabella Adaugo in celebration of the Nigerian 60th Independence Day. 

Nwachukwu Isabella Adaugo