How To Solve Problems


It was on a gracious Monday that I woke up to kiss and swallow the nutrients of a sumptuous meal prepared that morning. I packed my bag and materials in preparation for lectures only to stumble over some piece that read thus: "Conscience is man most secret core and his sanctuary. It's a judgement of reason by which the human person recognises the moral quality of a concrete action". I kept contemplating these words in good state of mind as  I got down to school on foot. But persons I passed by were whispering in almost quiet loud tone; "this guy does not smile". I never gave a dime to such side talks as I often hear it over and over again. I kept wondering that these people whose belly are full of things don't know what goes on in my mind. I know explicitly how to smile, but was only engrossed so much in the piece I read that morning.

Towards mid-week, I again stumbled on yet another excerpt that read: "Good thinking begets good products; everyone has a conscience that spores him/her to think ... Hence, when we see others as brothers and sisters, it is then possible to begin the process of healing the divisions within society and between ethnic groups". These words stuck to my mind like gum. And while strolling back from sporting activities of post lecture hours, still digesting the excerpt now in my mind, I kept hearing along the pedestrian walkway the voices of those who whisper of "this guy can bone for Africa"; "a bony face_one can decimate the anatomical". I couldn't care more as they continued their tirade of supposed observation. After all, I committed no crime, I'm angry with no one, only engrossed in my thoughts.

Yeah! It's Sunday morning. Filled as it was with blossoms of joy. I washed up, picked up my Bible and bulletin only for a gentleman to walk up my door to tell me; "every time you dey vex, you kill person? O boy smile na". This was cool but had already put me on the defensive. Nevertheless, I got in my shoes and strode to the chapel for Mass(service). After the mass, I was passing by a masquerade tree still perplexed by the morning's compliment of the gentleman when a calm breeze threw the words-/"...(name) smile for Jesus" to my ears. I couldn't care less, and so cannot forget that I turned round to check out who said that. To my amazement, it was someone adorable and immediately smile left my lips on its knees. Then she went further to add: "not smiling would scare people away". And so I smiled ever after.

What could I get from this story; it's that gossiping peoples' problems bring no solution. Instead, give them your recommendation; help them solve problems in simulating ways rather than remind them their problems without a solution. Cheers!...


Written by; Ohanuka Dominic Ifunanyachukwu

200 Level Medic of UNIPORT

Ohanuka Dominic Ifunanya