The Human Mind


The Human Mind.


The human mind is scary, I mean a lot of things we can do if we choose to. The mind is a universe of a billion thought, porous to other thoughts and ideas. Humans possess innate capabilities to think, feel, believe, react, and act. If humans are allowed to do all they can and want to, it would birth chaos. We are selfish yet we think about people we want to. We are greedy, yet we can share with others if we want to. We lie and say we do it to protect others (ourselves; we mean). We are evil, but do good to those we see fit. We are powerful, yet weak in the face of circumstances we can't control. 


"The human mind could devise a thousand ways to eliminate another human in a thousand times and will do it a thousand times until we feel the threat is eliminated."


 We seek to control what we perceive and have knowledge of. We fear what we don't know, misunderstand what we don't want to accept, hate what opposes us and annihilate what threatens us. Humans are the highest form of evolution, at least we think we are.


Having conquered other creatures for land, air, sea, highlands, and mountains... At last, we can't stand our own species. We have dominated all we have come across and nothing else remains to save our own species. We always seek to remain powerful, relevant, important, and valuable so we segregate among ourselves based on strengths and weaknesses, differences and uniqueness, abilities, and disabilities. We want to be in control always, we do so by wiping off most of our species in the course of saving some of our own species and the universe while other creatures stare at us in awe. Corruption, hatred, deceit, religion, lies, slander, murder, discrimination, racism, segregation, anger, revenge, psychological trauma, fear, and other ills of man are all in the mind.


Some humans have called out for help, some have stretched their arms for aid, some looked for shoulders to cry on, some have begged; others pleaded for mercy to live their lives in the best possible imaginable peace. Some are now endangered species with their times depending on the insatiable desires and scale of preference of the predators with whom they reside.


How can we purge ourselves of the hatred and fear amongst ourselves, live in peace and harmony, create a society where the absence of sadness, backstabbing, mockery, mind poisoning, and murder dominates?


The highest evolved of all species can't provide answer their questions themselves but continue to wallow in the depths of misery and fantasy pleasure.


But another part of this question remains;


Until when?


When do we find the end of our disparity?


What about others?


What about peace?


What about everything?


What about us?


What about our children?


What about the future?


What exactly is the concept of love and coexistence?


Can our scientific-technological advancements and product of our inventive genius drive us away from the chaos we created and are still creating?


Can we end the on-going racism, segregation, and discrimination among ourselves?



Someone replied from the crowd, "Samuel, I think we can!."


I nodded in disbelief. Although we can, but are we going to?


I said to him, 


"it's all in the mind."


If we don't possess the same idea and mindset, our glamorous efforts will be futile and as time goes on, our posterity will still approve our sayings, ideas, notions, intentions, and actions and the cycle will be repeated all over again.


Fubara Samuel Dabiri

Level 1

Medicine and Surgery


Fubara Samuel