Medical Students, Work In Progress


We are work in progress,

always in the process.


From the first time we breathd' into the medical school,till our



Everything-in-between is up to us and our God.


We might never be perfect but to that effect,we all keep striving

to reach our potentials,to the best of our understanding and



We are like a building,

painted over and over again,


With each coat becoming thicker,

learning quicker,


That as time goes by and the paint dries,


represent something new.


We can either be a reflection or a representation of the painter,

for underneath each layercoated for 6yrs,is a total different

version of US.


We are students of LIFE,

sometimes struggling to get it right,

reminiscing of what we could’ve done better,but dwelling over

our old mistakes which never changes the past.


We keep digging into the future as optimists and realists,

As medical students,we are like an unfinished book,

written and amended every single day,

going back and reflecting,

gathering and collecting,

choosing what to focus on,knowing what will help us grow,

Distinguishing right from wrong with a better grasp of ourselves,

so that when we begin to practice all that we've learnt,

Till we die

may be then,our purpose and work here on earth is done...





Omu God'spower Abel