7 Actions that could get your credit card blocked

7 Actions That Could Get Your Credit Card Blocked  Anyone can be a victim of credit cards hack, card blacklisting among others. This article is to help you be on guard of activities that can cause your card to be blocked.    When the bank stops a thief from using your card for fraudulent expenses, you feell so happy but what happens when they mistake you for the thief? Painfully funny.


90% of victims told Xycinews Media they felt mad about the situation. They forgot the bank cares.


Let examine some reasons behind this:

Shopping Habit


Shopping where you have never shopped before could be suspicious. When you sign in to Gmail from a new location for the first time, verification is mandatory.


Shopping hugely from a strange location for the first time could be suspicious. In a bid to protect you, the card maybe blocked until transactions are verified by the cardholder.    


High Purchase Ratio


Buying something very small, then something big is a suspicious activity. Criminals sometimes test stolen cards by carrying out cheap transactions before moving on to a triple-digit purchase.


That small-big pattern in your own buying habits may result in a declined card. It's for your good.


 Shopping away from your home base.


That's especially common when you are moving. "If my billing address is Lagos and I am buying a washer and dryer in Jos, that's an anomaly because why would I buy a washer and dryer in Jos if I live in Lagos?.



IP Geographic Location Change

    Buying things from different geographic regions on the same day is suspicious. During a journey, a lady used a card to get money from an ATM on the ship, then she later made a purchase on-shore in Belize.


For the rest of the trip, her card was declined. "Clearly, the ATM on board the ship is registered to a Miami location, and several hours later, purchasing something in Belize seems dubious.   Tips       Annoying as it can be to get blocked by mistake, remind yourself that it's a sign that your credit card company's got your back.


Avoid any illegal online activities too.





Naabiae Nenubari Mee-eebari 

(aka Nenu-B of Xycinews Media).



Naabiae Nenubari Mee-eebari