(This piece is dedicated to anyone who has ever survived anything : failure,  sickness,  persecution,  shame,  heartbreak,  loss of a loved one,  divorce/seperation, disasters,  etc)


Life was like a fairytale

until reality set in.

Like a dream,  it all just… faded away

You couldn’t believe it.

“Was it all a dream?” you ask yourself.

“Then let me sleep again!” you cry.

But you know it’s not possible

because you’re wide awake.

This is life now,

not the dream then.


They say,

“You never know the value of something until you lose it.”

Only this time,

you knew what you had.

You just never thought you had lose it.


You thought you knew what loss felt like.

Wrong.  You didn’t.

This was what it felt like:

The pain and heaviness in your chest,

the ache and tears behind your eyes,

the knowing that things would never be the same again.


You feel broken,  like a shattered glass.

You feel like you’re sinking

into a deep pit of depression,  despondency and darkness.

In fact,  you thought you had die!


But such is life.

You wake up,  you’re still alive.

So slowly but surely,

you pick your broken pieces up

and mend and build your broken self again.


You went through hell but survived.

You went though the waves but didn’t drown.

You went through fire

but like a Phoenix,  you rose from the ashes.

Stronger,  wiser and with a clearer vision.


You smile and have hope again.

Not because your past was perfect

but because the future has better things in store for you.


And that’s why I’m proud of you,

‘cause you survived.

Yes,  you’re not a victim

You’re a survivor.




©?The Writing Doctor

Miriam Walker