Maybe, just maybe, If life could unfold before us and reveal the good and bad parts of the journey ahead of us, probably we would be in a better position to choose if our life was worth living.

Where is death preferred to life? It actually goes beyond what we as individuals perceive as direct and easy, the good always being given priority over the bad. The 'good' in question is only a mirage that shadows the vile reality of what we call evil. What can be good or bad?

The answer we heed is simply influenced by not how much ground we have covered but by the little details and intense understanding of what each step, each fragment, each piece, each second, each breath we take or use exposes. "Life is good" lies in the eyes of the beholder. What we cannot imagine is our next step and the next step supposedly is withdrawn from where we stand.

Where do we stand? From what perspective do you draw your opinions about life and what it should entail? How much is it worth, the pains? Struggle, rife with unexpected happenings, probable results and dull happiness. Temporary drug that incites a false environment, a false hope, a false reality, a fatansy, fictional story, maybe a blockbuster movie. If maybe, just maybe we could get access to the cameras and tapes that register the timeless events of this life, we would shout CUT! and have a do-over, over and over again until we get what we want. So sad how things we so desperately wish for remain wishes despite our efforts.

There is always the split fleeting second of what we desire becoming true and though various dimensions and versions of who we are and what we may become exist all under the influence of the everyday decisions and lifestyles we embrace, we have a story already laid down, a story that will eventually superimpose and dominantly manifest among others. What is, is. Among others, live with love and be open. You are in truth, not the director of your life. Something far bigger is.

Tochi Izuheihe