Loss of Innocence

As children, we grew up in love, comfort and security.
Home meant all of this
and so we thought everywhere else was the same.

Family was true love, honesty and loyalty in human form
and so we thought everyone else was the same.

Time passes and we grow.
We leave home to go to new places and meet new people.
We are happy because we are finally free of the ‘cage’ we call home.

Little did we know that Mom and Dad
were only trying to protect us…
from the dark side of life.

In our naivety,
we assume everyone is like us.
We think when they say, “I love you”,
they mean it because Dad and Mom meant it.
We believe, we fall, we give of ourselves…
our best, our all, everything.

But then,
nothing is hidden under the sun,
and everything under the sun would
eventually come to light.
The lies get exposed, the truth breaks out,
We see their true colours… as they really are.
We see who they really are,
past their fake smiles, their smooth
words, their sleek moves
and their casual appearances.

“Was it all a game, some fun, a prank or a dream?” you ask yourself.
Because you can’t believe you were so true and they were the opposite.
You can’t believe they could fake it all along
and still act like nothing had happened.

They smile, laugh and flatter you when they see you
and you do the same.
Only this time, you’ve learnt to fake it as well.
Because you’ve learnt that not everyone is like family
and not everywhere is like home
and not everybody’s honest like you.

No longer do you see the world through a child’s eye.
But you see it as it really is:
Broken, fallen, imperfect.
And the moment you come to this realisation
is the moment you lost something:
your innocence.

The Writing Doctor