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Academics and Leadership Development

We are actively engaged in organizing tutorials and mock tests with the various tools available to us.
We organize program in which students are the given the opportunity to lead and learn practically the vicissitudes of leadership. Also by our affiliation with the Nigerian Medical Student association we engage our members in capacity building programs.


We engage in health outreaches to rural communities where we engage in health screening activities, diagnosis and treatment of carry out health education programs.
Through our online campaigns, radio talk shows and visits to various departments in the school, surrounding communities (schools, markets etc.), we carry out health education and promotion campaigns.


We offer scholarships to our members and welfare support covering for health challenges and other financial needs all in the bid to ease the learning process of the medical student.
We take special interest in the mental and social life of our members, by organizing events that addresses the stress of the physical and mental of the Nigerian medical student.

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